Business Maintenance Plan

The business maintenance plan is designed to keep your business running by proper preventive maintenance on you computer equipment.  This price is flexible depending on the number of computers and other equipment you have and the complexity of your systems but most small businesses with less than 10 computers will usually need about 2 hours per month of time to preform updates and make sure all computers are running at peak performance.  For a business like the one described the cost per month is $150.  Thats a $20 discount per month off the regular price.  For this you will agree to a 1 year service though I don’t require you to sign a contract but I still believe that if a man gives his word thats as good as a contract.  I usually come in after hours if possible to prevent interfering with the day to day operations and will stop in 2 days a month for 1 hour to make sure your systems are ok.  If you have other needs like new system installation or expansions of your infrastructure I will bill you at the same discounted rate.  You will receive a bill each month via e-mail.  I can accept credit card payments on site if you would rather pay that way.

As an added bonus if you don’t have a website already, for as long as I am preforming your maintenance you will get a free simple website from  If you would like to purchase a domain name there will be a charge for that however if you just want to use a name of <BusinessName> there will be no charge.  This site will follow the guidelines of the simple site with a small about page a few pictures and your contact information.  This service usually cost $100 per year.  If you would like to do a more complex site there will be cost for design from my designer however your hosting cost will be reduced by $100 per year.

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