Hosting for Graham offers the following services. Please take a look and contact us for more information

Web Design

A website is vital to marketing your business in this modern age. Hosting for Graham will design and host your website, freeing you to run your business. Many features and price ranged are avaliable depending on your needs.  Every web site designed by us includes consultations with our designer regarding the site and the content, domain registration or transfer to our servers along with hosting of the site for 1 year from the date it is approved by you and placed into production is included. The next years hosting will be billed at the rate quoted in your initial agreement.

Sites can be as simple as only a few pages with contact information and a description of your business or as creative as you would like to get.  Prices vary greatly depending on what you want or need.  Please contact us directly and we can get you an accurate estimate.

Web Site hosting

Having a safe, affordable, and stable hosting provider is key to fully utilizing the marketing potential of your website. All of our sites are hosted at a level 1 datacenter, designed with backed up power and multiple connections to the internet to keep your site online 24×7. The basic hosting package includes your website (designed by H4G or moved from another provider), custom e-mail addresses for your domain, and monitoring and backup services. All servers incorporate a web based control panel giving you the ability to create and change e-mail addresses, page content, and any aspect of your site. Also know if transferring your site from another provider we will take care of moving all of the content and e-mail addresses from the old provider to Hosting for Graham.

Site hosting ranges from $100 per year for small simple sites with e-mail forwarding to $1000+ per year for complex resource intensive e-comerce sites.  The size and scope of your project will determine the price per year of hosting.  Most sites will cost about $120-$175 a year.

Web Refresh

As with all marketing, changes need to be made from time to time. Updates and modifications are done on a cost per hour basis. This allows the flexibility to make simple changes quickly or schedule complex changes as they may be needed. Usually a complete refresh of a website will run around $750 but will vary depending on your site.


Key to a good website is having great looking images of your products for customers to see. With H4G’s high-end photography equipment and years of experience we can give your site the best possible quality images. These images can also be used in other marketing material and you will be provided with the original copies for your use.  Prices are subject to many factors including location but a typical photo shoot in the Graham area would cost around $100 for the first hour including travel and $75 for each additional hour.  Please note that for each hour I spend on site I usually spend 2-3 times that amount of time processing the images before giving you the final copies, however you are only charged for the time I spend on site.

I also have the ability to do large prints (up to 13X19) locally.  Each of these will need to be quoted as there are many factors.  Please contact us for more information.

IT Consulting

We also provide a broad range of support for businesses and individuals. This includes troubleshooting, maintenance, recommendations, upgrades, and any other technology issue you may come across. Our goal is to provide your business with the right solution to work at its fullest potential and stay within your budget.  We will also give discounted pricing to customers willing to go on a scheduled maintenance plan where we come in 1-2 times a month to check each computer for viruses, update each machine, and preform regular maintenance.  There is a 2 hour monthly minimum for the discounted maintenance plan.  Please see the Business Maintenance Plan page for more details.

We also specialize in networks, both wired and wireless.  Using the latest technologies from the best vendors we are able to provide a solution for your buisness that meets your needs at a price that meets you budget.  Contact us today to find out about implimenting a secure wireless, wired, or hybrid system at your location.  All networking is done by quote as cost for equipment and cableing can vary greatly.  We strive to use commercial quality equipment for your business.  A small residential router may be fine at the house but when used in a business will become overwhelmed quickly.  Please don’t think that commercial means expensive either.  Modern commercial grade routers can be purchased for $150-200.  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like a bid on your networking project.

Cost: $85 per hour

Business Graphics

We also do logo creation and digitization for marketing. This includes letterhead, business cards, envelopes, return address labels, and anything else you can imagine. We shop around to find the best price and create the graphics that you need to reflect your business. All items are quoted as requested due to fluctuating printing prices, however graphic design work is an hourly fee. Please let us know what we can do for you so our designer can properly quote your project.


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